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Eastover Gardens Building The Eastover Gardens facility was originally opened in the ’50s as a motor court hotel servicing HWY 301, then the main north-south thoroughfare from Florida to Maine. Sometime in the ’60s the building was converted into a nursing home to better meet the needs of the aging population of Cumberland County. Throughout its over 30 year history the facility has seen many changes and renovations, including the addition of a new wing and dining facility.

In 2008 the Weeks began to implement their vision of opening Cumberland County’s only free-standing Alzheimer’s and dementia care facility.

Mission Statement

Eastover Gardens Special Care Facility in Eastover is designed specifically to care for those with memory impairment. Our mission is to be the preferred provider in Assisted Living/Alzheimer’s care in the community we serve. Our community will choose us because we specialize in compassion, knowledge and quality care by our team of trained caregivers. The entire Assisted Living Community is dedicated to the care of Alzheimer’s or related diagnoses.
Ed and Beth Weeks
A Message from Ed & Beth Weeks

We understand and have often seen how incredibly stressful caring for a loved one in the home can be. We also understand that asking for help is one of the most difficult decisions you will ever have to make. Miss Mary and Cheyanne

We are proud to say that we have seen improvements in relationships between residents and their families after placement. This is due largely to the fact that as a caregiver, the family member has been doing the job of three to four people 24 hours a day 7 days a weeks with no vacations or lunch breaks.

We are so happy to be able to offer support to families in Cumberland County and the surrounding areas and hopefully afford them some peace of mind in the process.
About Us

We at Eastover Gardens desire to meet our Alzheimer’s / dementia residents “where they are.” This mission will be accomplished by carefully assessing each resident and determining their individual needs. We do this by developing a culture where agitation and other behavioral issues are reduced through:

redirection methods,

creating structure and routine based upon a 24 hour schedule,

maintaining a consistent schedule, and

promoting sunlight and outdoor activities

Danielle and Miss Mildred walking

Within our care environment we avoid major changes by maintaining realistic physical and cognitive goals in a no-fail environment. A realistic physical goal, for example, for many Alzheimer’s residents is to remain ambulatory. This is often achieved under the direct guidance of a licensed physical therapist and at the recommendation of a physician. It is very important to us that each resident is treated as a unique individual. We want to see everyone experience the best possible quality of life.

We manage the common issues associated with Alzheimer’s disease such as sundowning and nocturnal pain by reducing distractions and accommodating freedom of movement within a safe environment.

All staff members at Eastover Gardens in addition to required training and continuing education receive an additional six hours of orientation on the nature and needs of the Alzheimer’s /dementia resident. The administrator of Eastover Gardens has an additional 20 hours of training specific to the population of a special care facility.
Safety Features

To ensure the safety, security, and comfort of residents, Eastover Gardens has a state-of-the-art security and surveillance system that includes:

Safety door with magnetic locks Magnetic Door Locks:
These are operational only with an approved key card issued to authorized personnel. In the event of an emergency requiring an override of the magnetic locks, personnel is also provided with a back-up key. The magnetic locks automatically disengage if the fire alarm sounds. There is also a manual emergency override button that is to be used in the event of any emergency that is not fire-related.

All windows have been restricted to open only 4 to 6 inches to provide additional overall security.

Camera System Camera System:
This covers all common areas in the facility, as well as all exterior recreation areas.
Fenced-in Recreation Courtyards

Outdoor Security:
The facility has two fenced-in outdoor recreation courtyards.

The privacy and safety of all residents participating in outdoor activities is ensured by a custom-built, wooden, eight-foot tall, privacy fence.

Secured laundry and janitorial supplies Overall Chemical Storage/Ingestion Prevention:
All chemicals (cleaners, detergents, degreasers, etc.) will be stored in a secured manner in a locked room with limited access. Only housekeepers, laundry personnel, and administration will have access to these rooms.

As an added security feature, the kitchen and laundry room have been fitted with magnetic locks on their doors to prevent any residents, unauthorized staff, or visitors to gain access to these locations. Should any item that poses a risk of being harmful if ingested is found in a resident’s room, that item will be removed promptly and the facility will attempt to determine how such item came to be in that resident’s possession. If necessary, the resident’s responsible party will be notified.

entrance and open hallway with handrails
bathroom safety bars
Fall Prevention:
Standard safety precautions have been taken in the facility to prevent falls, such as:

keeping floors clear, at all times, of debris,

placing proper handrails along the walls throughout the facility

securing all power cords and wires off of the floor to prevent tripping

completing further assessment of a resident following any fall to try to determine cause and any interventions that may be needed to eliminate further fall risk.

fire sprinkler Fire Safety
The facility is in complete conformance with today’s fire code. We have installed a fire sprinkler system and a state of the art fire alarm system.

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